WATCH: Mateo, the 3-Year-Old Cupcake Sensation, Meets Ellen, Finally Gets His Cupcakes

More than 4.3 million YouTube hits, countless tweets, articles and Facebook posts later, San Jose 3-year-old Mateo has finally got his cupcakes.

Mateo, whose “Linda Listen” argument with his mom Linda about why he should be allowed to have cupcakes for dinner went viral, was given the cupcakes by Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday's episode of "The Ellen Show.” (Editor's note: The full segment is embedded at the bottom of this page.)

“Listen to me, listen to me, you’re going to love this video,” Ellen started the segment by saying, playing Mateo’s YouTube clip on her show for the second time.

Ellen was so smitten with Mateo’s persuasive prowess, she invited him to be on her show immediately.

Although most people have found the video funny, some have questioned whether letting Mateo call his mother “Linda” and “honey” makes for good parenting.

“I had to meet you because I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. But it was not adorable, don’t argue with your mother,” Ellen told Mateo as the audience laughed along.

“Did he just come out with this kind of personality? Just always had something to say?” Ellen asked Linda.

“He’s definitely always had something to say, if it’s not arguing about shoes, it’s arguing about cupcakes,” Linda replied.

Sitting on his mother’s lap dressed in blue plaid and jeans, Mateo stole glances at the audience and the set, unperturbed by the two adults having an adult conversation all about him.

“And why does he call you Linda and not mommy?” Ellen asked.

“Linda comes from debating, for like a cupcake, I’m usually mommy … When he’s serious and he wants to get his point across, then we become Linda or Kenneth (Mateo’s father)."

Mateo immediately chimed in: “Mommy, where’s Kenneth?”

As to why Mateo calls her “honey,” Linda explained that “’honey’” and “’babe’” will come from dad."

"The 'listen' part as we might already know, comes from mommy saying, 'Daddy, listen,'" she said.

Linda described Mateo’s instant fame as “crazy,” recounting how they were recognized at the airport while traveling and even came across two people watching their video while waiting in line.

Because Mateo loves cupcakes and superheroes, Ellen gave him his very own superhero-themed cupcake stand, complete with Superman, Batman and Spiderman-themed cupcakes, topped with Mateo as a cupcake superhero.

“I got you something that Linda might not like, but I just thought since you flew all the way here to see me, we are going to give you some cupcakes,” Ellen told a very excited Mateo.

Ellen also surprised Linda and Mateo with a $10,000 check which she hoped would help the family while Mateo's dad attends college.

Mateo even has his own Facebook page and website now, where “Linda honey honey listen” t-shirts are on sale to help raise money for his college fund.

Linda's parents hope that Mateo will become a successful lawyer when he grows up and argue for other causes in addition to cupcakes.

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