Matthew Muller

Matthew Muller Pleads No Contest in Vallejo Kidnapping, Rape Case

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The man at the center of a bizarre abduction and sexual assault in Vallejo in 2015 pleaded no contest to rape and robbery charge Friday.

Matthew Muller appeared by video from Napa State Hospital. He answered a number of questions from the judge who seemed to want to make it clear that muller understood the proceedings.

Muller currently being held at napa state hospital and now answering to state charges related to a 2015 kidnapping that grabbed national attention.

Muller pleaded no contest to robbery, burglary, forcible rap in exchange for a 31-year sentence that would be served concurrently with his current 40-year federal sentence for kidnapping.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Sharon Henry spoke outside the courtroom.

“It does make a difference because these charges will guarantee that he does serve time in prison," Henry said.

At one point, early in the investigation - Vallejo police had publicly cast doubt on victim’s story.

“No one should have to be revictimized in that way and we as law enforcement and prosecutors, we have to learn from those mistakes and always have in the fore front of our minds that we are in this to bring justice to the victims,” Henry said.

Ultimately, police determined that Muller broke into Huskins and Quinn’s home, drugged them and took off with Huskins.

He released her days later in Southern California. Muller was later a suspect in a home invasion in Alameda County and investigators similarities in the crimes.

“My heart goes out to them and the healing process takes a very long time. Based on my conversation with them, they are trying their best to move on," Henry said.

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