Mavericks Big Wave Watch Slotted Earlier

Official waiting period targeted for November

For the first time in its history, the window for next year's world-renowned Mavericks Surf Contest near Half Moon Bay will open Nov. 1, contest officials announced Tuesday.

Lack of a swell that would have made contest conditions ideal prevented Mavericks from being held this year. In order to increase the chances of the contest next year, officials are opening the window two months earlier.

The months from November to February produce the greatest swells, according to contest director Jeff Clark. The best conditions for holding the contest are 40-50 foot waves, he said.

Contest officials, competitors and fans are excited for the early start to the season, according to Mavericks CEO Keir Beadling.

"While we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature, we can now say we are better prepared than ever for what she throws our way," Beadling said in a statement.

Once contest officials deem the waves worthy enough for the big event, "The 24" is on -- contestants will only have 24 hours to get ready. 

Contestants will be competing for a $150,000 prize.

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