Mavericks Surfers Gearing Up For Big Wave Contest Next Week

Elite big wave surfers were gearing up Wednesday for the world-renowned Mavericks Challenge California surfing competition near Half Moon Bay.

Surfers said they’ve been told to be ready for the contest Monday or next Wednesday Dec. 19. Forecasts show huge swells on those days.

"Monday looks like it's going to be giant," founder Jeff Clark said. "When it gets to be as big is it's gonna be on Monday, it's as hard to surf as it ever will be."

Local event liason Brian Overfelt agreed, saying, "It could be 60-foot faces."

Some surfers said "they’ve got their tickets."

Organizers said wind likely will be the deciding factor in the contest that last took place in February 2016.

If it goes off, it will be the first Mavericks contest with a women's division.

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