Mayor Libby Schaaf Meets With Oakland Neighbors Following Trump Response

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf met with neighbors outside a barbershop Saturday to hear their concerns as part of her Mobile Mayor program.

"Lots of times I get thanked for warning my community about an impending ICE raid but sometimes, people just want to talk about the pothole on their street," said Schaaf.

This comes after President Donald Trump’s comments suggesting the Department of Justice should investigate her for possible obstruction of justice.

"You talk about obstruction of justice I would recommend that you look into obstruction of justice for the mayor Oakland California Jeff," Trump said.

Schaaf responded to the president’s remark in a Washington Post opinion piece published Saturday morning. In it, she says she is not obstructing justice, but seeking it.

"I’m surprised the president continues to obsess with his vindictiveness about trying to hold me up on charges," she said. "We understand our communities best. What I did was protect my community."

Schaaf said she has not heard directly from the Administration about the matter but is prepared and takes the allegations seriously.

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