McDonald's Want Parents More Involved With Their Kids

San Francisco has already taken steps to prevent McDonald's from selling Happy Meals and now a Sacramento mother wants to see the same ban in other cities.

Monet Parham is suing the Golden Arches because she says the chain restaurant tries to lure children in by offering them toys with its meals.

She says the act violates California consumer protection laws, according to Reuters.

But in a court filing made Monday, McDonald's argues the lawsuit should be dismissed because parents should have the ability to prevent their children from eating undesirable food.

McDonald's says in its filing that the company did not lie or mislead Parham or any other mother about its products.

Last November, after long debate, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors finally voted to approve legislation banning fast-food restaurants from giving away free toys with meals.

The ban is limited to foods that have high sugar, fat and sodium content, a la McDonald's Happy Meals.

The aim is to force fast-food restaurants, such as McDonald's, to not market unhealthy meals to youngsters.

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