Medical Marijuana Could Be Allowed in California's Public Schools

Lawmakers in Sacramento are one step closer to allowing medical marijuana in public schools.

If the bill becomes a state law parents could be allowed to administer medical marijuana to their student child on campus, as long as the marijuana is in non-smoking form.

The California Assembly approved a bill that lets local schools decide whether to allow medical marijuana on their K-12 campuses.

Some students use medical marijuana to treat seizures, but must go off campus for their medication. Current law prohibits the use of medical marijuana on campus, which supporters of the bill argue is dangerous for those students who need it.

Opposers of the bill question whether that kind of drug should be allowed on campus in the first place, and question whether the medical marijuana regulations are strong when it comes to children.

The state senate still needs to approve this bill before sending it to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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