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Meet Juan, the Man Performing Freestyle Soccer Tricks at San Jose Intersections

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Have you seen him?

A San Jose man is wowing motorists at intersections as he shows off an impressive array of freestyle soccer moves.

The man's name is Juan, and he has been making families smile for months now, performing jaw-dropping tricks at intersections across the South Bay, rain or shine.

"The people [are] so cute, [are] so amazing with me," Juan said.

It started as a hobby for Juan after his professional soccer career in Colombia didn't go as planned.

He said the ball has always given him happiness, but performing for the community has given him a sense of purpose.

"I feel that I can inspire people," he said.

His talents have been recorded and shared several times on social media, gathing thousands of views and likes.

"God blessed him with a gift," spectator Gregorio Luera said.

Now, the San Jose Earthquakes have their eye on him. The team recently posted a video of Juan on TikTok and said if it gets up to 20,000 likes, he'll get his own halftime show.

"If I can do a show for you guys, that's so amazing, that's so crazy," Juan said.

Even if that doesn't happen, Juan said he'll keep working for his favorite tips: smiles.

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