Meet the Kid Candy CEO Living the Sweet Life

We all know kids say the darndest things. Sometimes the darn things they say turn out to be million-dollar ideas.

When she was seven years old, Alina Morse was offered a lollipop by the teller at the bank. She was hesitant, having been told by her parents that candy was bad for her teeth. She asked her father, "Why can't we make a lollipop that's actually good for your teeth?"

Her father, Tom, saw the idea for the stroke of genius that it was. After some ill-fated kitchen experiments, the Morse family found their recipe and started a company, with Alina as CEO.

A few years later, Zolli Pops are available in stores across the country and Alina is at the helm of a multi-million dollar candy franchise. Zolli Popps are all-natural, sugar free and free of a lot of the tooth-rotting ingredients that are in a lot of other candies.

Alina attributes her success to a determined spirit and parents who were willing to look past her age. "For all parents out there, just please listen to your kids ideas, don't brush them off to the side," she said.

Her father Tom has worked with several other CEOS and sees the traits of a great leader in Alina. "It's just like any CEO that I might work with. It's kind of our job to help her find answers, but great CEOs they don't have the answers they just ask really good questions and that's what makes her a great CEO," he said.

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