Meg Whitman Wishes Ill on Newspapers

Whitman hopes newspapers fail, but doesn't hate all dead-tree media

Former eBay CEO and current candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of California Meg Whitman hopes to reach voters online.

It worked so well for Democratic candidate Gavin Newsom -- who quit the governor's race after his Twitter-heavy fundraising plan failed to drum up the hoped-for donations.

That comment on her strategy came in an interview with the Wall Street Journal when asked about her media relations strategy.

Whitman, who hasn't been happy about coverage like the stories about her voting record from the Sacramento Bee, quipped, "Some of these newspapers, as you know better than I, will not be around in the near term."

Newsom at least targeted his online strategy at younger voters. How Whitman will reach older Republicans -- what, using Facebook? -- does not speak to the tech savvy you'd expect from an eBay veteran nicknamed "eMeg."

And as Calitics points out, it's not like they'll fail in time for the June primary or November election.

Maybe a book would work better, and Whitman's working on one called "The Power of Many: Values for Success in Business and in Life."

The book, which will features Whitman's "ten core values," will be available in airport bookstores this January.

So she's all for dead trees -- as long as she's the one dictating what's on them.

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