Mehserle's Dad: My Son Was Wrongly Convicted

For the first time since the case started, we are hearing from the father of Johannes Mehserle.

Mehserle is the former BART police officer convicted last month of involuntary manslaughter in the New Year's Eve 2009 shooting death of Oscar Grant. Todd Mehserle and supporters were at San Jose City Hall Monday, holding signs to show they haven't forgotten about Meheserle.

Todd Mehserle believes his son was wrongly convicted. He says he and his family are now doing everything they can to convince a judge to free their son.

"There's a lot of people who know my son and know exactly who he is as a person, as a human being," the elder Mehserle said, "and the facts speak for themselves and that's why we say he's wrongly convicted."

Mehserle's family launched a website asking for donations, and letters of support. They've also posted personal photos of Johannes as a young basketball player, a family man and a graduate of the police academy.

Mehserle is in a Los Angeles jail cell as he awaits sentencing in November. His case is under appeal. His family is adamant that the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant was an accident.

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