VIDEO: Melky Cabrera Taunts Braves Fans

You'll have to forgive Braves fans for not liking Melky Cabrera: during his one season in Atlanta, he wasn't exactly the great ballplayer he is today.

In fact, that's probably being a bit generous. Melky was incredibly, um, plump with the Braves, and it was reflected in his play: he hit .255/.317/.671 that season (his average this year is higher than his OBP for Atlanta).

So when the Giants came to Atlanta on Tuesday, Braves fans greeted Melky with a loud BOOOO-bird session. Melky responded, as recorded by a random Braves fan, by giving them a crotch chop. Awesome:

Of course, Melky also got the last laugh at Braves fans, since the Giants steamrolled the Braves in the first game of the series, winning 9-0.

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