Melky Breaks Mays Record

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For the second time this season, a member of the Giants has broken a record previously held by Willie Mays. (No that does not feel appropriate or even correct to actually type.)

First it was Pablo Sandoval raking to begin the season and now it's Melky Cabrera, the new owner of the San Francisco Giants record for most hits in a month.

Cabrera, who is quite literally laughably hot, hit three more singles on Tuesday night, giving him 77 hits for the season and a whopping 50 in May, which broke Mays' San Francisco Giants record of 49, established in 1958.

"I'm really happy that I was able to equal a record of Willie Mays', and maybe one day be a Willie Mays myself," Cabrera said, through an interpreter, via Chris Haft of

In May, Cabrera's now hitting .435 (!) and he's got one more game to go, Wednesday's tilt against Ian Kennedy and the Diamondbacks. The Melk Man, by the by, is four of seven against Kennedy lifetime, with a double, a homer and two RBI. Sample size be damned, that's a good omen that he could end up moving way past Mays record.

That's something Ryan Vogelsong, who came close to picking up a win Tuesday, would like to see.

"Anytime you're in the same category as Willie Mays, there's something to be said about that," said  Vogelsong. "I'd like to see him get a couple more tomorrow and get up there by himself."

So would Giants fans, because it means the team has a much better shot at closing out the month on a winning streak. At 15-13, they've already locked in a winning month, but with the Dodgers refusing to slow down too much, every win counts.

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