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Memorial For Slain Tantra Teacher Set For Halloween

A memorial for a tantra teacher shot to death while he was out hiking with his Doberman pinscher, Coco, is scheduled for Halloween, his widow said.

In a web post on the Ecstatic Living Institute that she founded with her slain husband, Lokita Carter said a memorial for Steve Carter, 67, will be held on Oct. 31, though she has yet to figure out the time or where it will be held, other than somewhere in Marin County.

Lokita Carter, who is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer, has not given media interviews since her husband was killed on Monday night while out hiking on a popular Marin County trail in Fairfax. And she had been a prolific blogger about her cancer experiences. She has since taken down most of her websites and Facebook profiles. The one site she has kept up is a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for her out-of-pocket expenses as she seeks treatment at the Marin Cancer Institute. As of Friday, the contributions had surpassed $66,000 about six times more than early in the week.

She also gave a short update on her institute website, describing how “horrible and inconceivable” it was that her husband was killed, and how their dog was also shot in the head and chest.

Three suspects were arrested in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday outside St. Francis Dining Hall, after the GPS tracking system in Carter’s stolen Jetta led authorities there. The suspects are: Sean Michael Angold, 24, Morrison Haze Lampley, 23, and Lila Scott Allgood, 18, none of whom has a permanent address. As of Thursday night, they were being held at the Multnomah County jail on no bail. Jail records show that they were booked on a Marin County warrant on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, murder and robbery.

Then, late Thursday night, San Francisco police announced that the same trio are wanted in connection of Audrey Carey, a 23-year-old Canadian woman found dead on Saturday in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Police said some of Carey’s personal belongings were found with the suspects, and they noted the similarities between the two homicides: That both victims were killed in wooded or park areas.

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