Men in Trench Coats, Ski Masks Break Windows at Music Lovers Store in San Francisco, Steal Merchandise

Yet another smash-and-grab robbery has hit a high-end music and electronics store in San Francisco, this time at Music Lovers, where at least three suspects in trench coats broke windows Wednesday morning to get in before making off with a truck load of merchandise.

Sgt. Dean Marcic said the suspects smashed into of Music Lovers at 2295 Bush Street about 4 a.m. Their faces were covered, he said, and so were the license plates on a red truck.

Witness Jarrod Hatfield NBC Bay Area that he awoke to the sound of breaking glass. He ran to his window and saw three men in trench coats and ski masks pulling things out of the store and loading up a truck. He saw at least one of the men making off with some speakers. A second witness added the suspect vehicle was a pickup truck.

The Music Lovers owner who did not want to be identified told NBC Bay Area that a month ago, $20,000 was stolen from the same store and the suspects were caught on camera. That time there were two people, he said, and they also broke in about 4 a.m. He said the suspects broke windows to get in then, next to the windows that were broken early Wednesday morning.

Marcic said detectives would be looking into whether the two break-ins were related and would be reviewing the surveillance video closely looking for clues.

Stores in the Bay Area, and San Francisco in particular, have fallen prey to smash-and-grabs, or rather crash-and-grabs, in recent months, where suspects ram vehicles into store fronts to shatter glass and enter the buildings.

The latest crash-and-grab occurred Feb. 27 at Audio Vision SF, where a four-door silver truck backed into the high-end audio visual store and took about $100,000 of merchandise.

There have been at least five other crash-and-grabs in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Hayward, Berkeley and San Francisco since May 2014.

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