Merced Police Use Taser on Legless Man

Both officers involved in incident remain on active duty

The Merced Police Department is facing criticism for using a Taser on a legless man in a wheelchair who they say was resisting arrest.

Gregory Williams has been a double amputee since being diagnosed with deep-vein thrombosis in 2004.

Police were called to his home Sept. 11 on a domestic violence call.  Williams admits he was fighting with his wife, but said he never hit her, as she claimed.

Williams said police officers used the Taser on his chest twice while investigating the call.  Police say Williams was resisting arrest, but Williams disagrees.

Williams is black and the two arresting officers were white. 

Williams broke down crying when telling his story to a newspaper reporter.  He called what the police did ridiculous. 

"I wasn't resisting arrest at all," Williams said.  

Williams' brother-in-law, Greg Williams, said Williams was left sitting on the ground with his private parts showing after his pants fell off during the struggle.

"The hardest part was watching it and waiting for a badge number when the whole thing was done,"  Greg Williams said. 

Gregory Williams spent six days in jail on suspicion of domestic violence and resisting arrest. He was released Friday.  The Merced Sun-Star says no charges have been filed. The paper said the Merced Police Department's Internal Affairs Division is investigating the complaint.

Both officers remain on active duty.

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