Message of Hate Or Child's Play?

Kid's toy tattoo kit includes something that looks a lot like a swastika

Princesses, fairies, ponies and swastikas. In a toy tattoo kit for children on sale at Toys R Us, something doesn't belong.

Anthony Santoy bought the kit for daughter's birthday party. He was shocked to discover something that looked like the symbol for the Nazi party.

"It jumped right out to me," Santoya said. "I don't see how you can see anything else in this."

The kit, called the Imaginarium Airbrush Tattoo Kit, also includes stencils for fish, hearts and a scary-looking skull.  But the skull was not the most frightening item for Santoya.  He says that was the swastika.

"Kids create their own tattoos out of stencils on the work station, then use the airbrush sprayer to apply their creations," reads the description on the Toys R Us Web site.  It also calls it "a fun way for children to express their individuality."

A Toys R Us spokeswoman denied that the tattoo in question looks like a swastika. 

"People see what they want to see, I suppose," spokeswoman Kathleen Waugh said. "They are absolutely not the same."

Santoya doesn't believe there are any white supremacists making toys for the company. Still, he thinks someone made a mistake. And he wants to make sure no other children -- are parents -- make the same discovery he did.

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