Meteorologist Explains Mavericks' Mess

Mild and "Spring-Like" Weather for now. Rain possible by Friday

You've probably heard about the epic waves this weekend at the Mavericks surf contest.  Some experts say they were the biggest waves ever for a competition.

The surf competition turned out to be even more hazardous for those watching the giant waves.  High tide coupled with the peak westerly swell (near 20-25ft.) resulted in some waves washing over some of the viewing areas near the A/V scaffolding and booths. 

Many people were swept off their feet, and at least 13 were  treated for various injuries. The injuries to three people were serious  enough to require a trip to the hospital, including one person with a broken  leg.

Scary for sure, and it serves as a reminder to everyone that during a high surf warning - to use extreme caution near the coast.  A high surf advisory continues through midday today for waves in the 12-16 ft. range.

Also I've posted an answer to a "Why Is It?" -- email from a viewer wanting to know more about the Mavericks' wave heights
Plus -- here's the video from Saturday's wild wave action from Mavericks:

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