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Michael Brown's Father Speaks at San Francisco Church

The father of Michael Brown, whose unarmed son was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, came to San Francisco Sunday to speak at the Third Baptist Church.

More than a dozen speakers addressed the congregation before a packed house, calling for change and underscoring what they see as a pattern of injustice against men of color.

"That needs to stop in America, where we claim to be a land of equality of opportunity and respect for the worth and dignity of all human personalities," Rev. Amos Brown said.

The large crowd, which had waited for more than an hour to hear Michael Brown Sr. speak, grew silent when he took the podium.  Brown's father was very brief and told the crowd he appreciates the support. 

"We got a major fight going on," Brown said. "I got to stand up, so that’s all I'm doing — standing up for our rights. We love the Bay...and like I said, enough is enough. We gotta stand strong. Together. Thank you."

Friends said he had come to San Francisco from the "Justice for All" march and rally in Washington, D.C. After the speech, he took some photos with the crowd who came to see him.

The event lasted over two hours, and it was peaceful.

The cause was fought not just in the churches Sunday.

Sparked by Michael Brown's case, protests have broken out in the Bay Area and cities across the country carrying messages like "black lives matter."

Another group on the Golden Gate Bridge demonstrated against police violence Sunday.

"The more you are out in the streets, giving your message that peace and justice matter for all people, the more people will see the message," Code Pink spokeswoman Renay Davis said.

And in San Jose, about 20 protesters met outside City Hall dressed in all black and holding signs. The group marched to San Jose's Christmas in the Park, where they held a short "die-in."

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