Michael Jackson's Personal Chef Wants Help to Open Oakland Bakery

Mani Niall launches Kickstarter campaign to open bakery this summer.

Michael Jackson's personal chef wants to open a pastry shop in Oakland he needs your help.

Chef and author Mani Niall has launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch Sweet Bar Bakery at 24th and Broadway in Oakland. He reportedly worked as the King of Pop's personal chef in the 1980s.

Niall is looking to raise $20,000 by March 16 to get the Sweet Bar Bakery off the ground.

"They say it's all about timing---right now, the music, art, food and bar scenes in Oakland are booming," the chef says on his campaign page. "And it is all centered around the Uptown district. Two gorgeous, renovated Art Deco Theaters.  A monthly art walk called, Art Murmur, that surpasses any art walk anywhere, seriously.  In the center of it all is a corner I have found to call home, a former Ice Cream and Candy factory!'

Niall said it would be Oakland's first artisan bakery and he is looking to open by this summer.

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