Michael Savage Off the Air — For Now

The right-wing radio host escaped his contract with longtime employer Talk Radio Network.

Liberals rejoice -- Michael Savage is off the air. Conservatives rejoice -- he'll be back on the radio's froth-waves shortly.

The well-known talk show host left Talk Radio Network on Thursday, his lawyer announced. His show, which reached 8 million people per week -- good for the third-most-heard radio show in the country -- will "not be heard on the radio for some time," according to a statement on his Web site.

But that's good for him. Savage has been for two years trying to escape a 10-year contract he signed with the network that prohibited him from switching employers, according to the Associated Press. The contract "tied Savage to Talk Radio Network indefinitely," according to the news service. He spent $900,000 trying to escape the contract, his lawyer said.

It's unclear when Savage, who was famously banned from traveling to England in 2009, will be back on the air. But when he does, will the San Francisco-based broadcaster call the Muslim Quran "a book of hate," like he did before? Probably. It's what he does.

"Free at last!" Savage posted on his Web site after winning the ruling. He also won $1 million in arbitration, so he'll be fine.

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