Twitter Tax Break Not Resulting in Jobs Trickling Down

Twitter has seen a track record of success since moving to Mid-Market -- which is not seeing jobs

Twitter has drastically changed San Francisco's Mid-Market since it was lured there by a tax break.

But that tax break hasn't quite trickled down to locals of the area in the form of jobs, according to reports.

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A total of 14 technology companies received $1.9 million in tax breaks for moving to what the city calls Central Market, according to the San Francisco Public Press.

Some 2,700 people work at the companies, which are asked to engage in a "good faith effort" to train and hire locals -- but there's no requirement to report on these efforts, which are not binding.

That makes them weak, according to critics -- so weak that the "jobs" efforts are "barely worth the paper they're printed on," according to Supervisor John Avalos, a critic of the tax breaks.

Twitter, Yammer, 21Tech and Yammer all declined to comment to the Public Press on how their partnership agreements with jobs-training firms are coming along.

One company, Zendesk, said that hiring entry-level people would be "impractical," because these tech companies require skilled workers, not hardscrabble residents of SRO hotels.

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