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Mill Valley Student Scavenger Hunt Prompts Concerns

Juniors and seniors at a Mill Valley high school have been playing a scavenger hunt game that school administrators say crosses the line and is criminal.

Parents and administrators gathered Wednesday to discuss what they said went too far.

The Tamalpais High School principal let parents know exactly what was going on in an email Friday. The scavenger hunt game had a list of actions that if completed, would give students points.

On that list was doing drugs, drinking alcohol, acts of vandalism, theft, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

“I heard rumors kids are doing what they always do, up to no good, end of year antics,” said Matt Galland. “When I heard about it I talked to my boys I don't know what you're doing or what is being done to you but be kind have fun be respectful.”

Principal J.C. Farr III said the school has responded to dozens of community complaints and has spent the last week interviewing participating students.

In the email sent to parents, she said in part, “Real people, including younger children, were targeted for harassment and/or assaulted by our students

to score points for this ‘game.’ To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I am angry and I am embarrassed – feelings I never thought I’d have as the principal of this amazing school.”

Some parents said seniors who participated are not allowed to go on the senior trip to Six Flags next week.

“That's probably a good consequence if they got caught or did something way out of line there has to be consequence,” said Galland.

Some students said the younger students agreed to participate in some of the activities and they believe the principal is overreacting.

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