Mills High School Students Retake AP Exams After Test Scores Invalidated

Nearly 300 students on the Peninsula are being asked to take tests near the end of summer.

About 35 to 40 students students on Friday decided to retake the English literature advanced placement exams at Mills High in Milbrae after the College Board invalidated their scores due to “seating irregularities” during tests taken in May. They were among 286 students who had more than 600 tests invalidated because of a seating goof. Retesting will run through Aug. 19.

At least one student didn't think she did too well on the test.

"I work 40 hours a week, I play music and went to camp," said Valerie Fates." I only had a couple of days to study. The chances of getting the score I need are like, zero."

Educational Testing Service spokesman Tom Ewing told the Bay Area News Group last month that some students may have gained an unfair advantage because the spacing protocol between students during the administration of the exams weren't followed.

"In situations like that it's impossible to tell one way or the other," Ewing told the paper. "That's why we had to cancel it."

According to the AP Coordinators Manual, students are not permitted to sit closer than five feet from each other during testing and are to be seated directly behind each other, facing the same directions, but not directly next to each other. The principal of Mills High didn't deny the seating arrangement but has said that he believes the school provided an adequate testing environment.

On Thursday, students rallied outside the Redwood City courthouse, demanding their test scores be reinstated. Students said they were being punished for something that wasn't their fault. Attorneys for 286 students filed a lawsuit Monday against the organizations that invalidates their AP exams.

"This is not what America is about," Jennifer Kao told NBC Bay Area.

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