Milpitas School District Asks Parents to Help House Teachers

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The Milpitas Unified School District is now asking parents who have room to spare inside their homes to rent out the space to teachers.

Milpitas Unified is one of several local school districts that are having trouble keeping teachers because they can't find affordable places to live nearby.

"We've lost out on some employees that we tried to recruit because once they see how much it costs to live here, they determine that it's just not possible," Milpitas Unified School District Superintendent Cheryl Jordan said.

The school district sent out the call to parents via a school communication app, explaining that the district lost seven teachers last school year to more affordable communities out of the area.

So far, the response has been promising.

"So far, we've had 34 respondents who are interested in providing a room or small space on their property for our educators if needed," Jordan said.

The district said it's hoping to work with local agencies on securing low-interest educator and city worker home loans and hopes to lobby for what's called workforce housing with developers coming into the city.

The school board said economic factors and interest rates have added more than 25% to the cost of building new homes. That's also forcing up the price of rentals.

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