Milpitas Teacher Placed on Leave for Blackface Incident in Class

A teacher in Milpitas has been placed on administrative leave after he dressed up in black face and apparently imitated a black rapper in front of his class for Halloween, according to the Milpitas Unified School District.

The NAACP is now demanding an investigation into the incident at Milpitas High School. The district has not released the teacher's name, but students shot video of him in blackface.

The video posted on social media shows the teacher in apparently imitating rapper and social activist Common.

Pastor Jethroe Moore with the NAACP says he's already received 15 calls and emails from students and parents upset about the blackface incident.

"It’s harmful, it’s hurtful, it’s not the right environment for a student of color to see their teacher perform like that," Moore said.

The student who shot the video says the teacher is white. Parents and students say they find his actions disturbing.

"When they look at that blackface, what message is he trying to send to the students?" parent Francine Pham said. "That is totally wrong."

On Sunday, the president of the Milpitas Unified school board, Chris Norwood, issued a statement, saying the actions were inappropriate, unprofessional and insensitive.

"District administration has placed a staff member on administrative leave, and I have asked the superintendent to ensure an immediate investigation is conducted," Norwood said.

The NAACP also is calling for an investigation and swift action.

"Political figures have lost their jobs for wearing blackface 10 years ago," Moore said. "To have someone do it today is totally unacceptable."

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