Minutes After Being Freed, Woman Vandalizes Cars in Martinez Detention Facility Parking Lot to Ensure Re-Arrest: Officials

A woman, who was released from the Martinez Detention Facility Monday morning after throwing rocks at cars, allegedly vandalized vehicles outside the 1000 Ward Street property, claiming she wanted to stay in jail.

According to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, Chelsy Ginochio, 35, was re-arrested at about 5:30 a.m. 

Sheriff's officials said Ginochio went to the jail's parking lot upon being freed and smashed cars' front and rear windows, scratched glass and broke windshield wipers. A deputy heard the sound of windows being smashed while coming to work, they said.

A group of deputies eventually took Ginochio into custody, sheriff's officials said. The suspect, who apparently said she wanted to go to jail, allegedly resisted arrest and one of the deputies suffered a knee injury.

While the suspect's motive for wanting to remain behind bars is unclear, the sheriff's department says this is the second time Ginochio has damaged cars because she wants to be jailed.

Ginochio had originally been released after being arrested by Antioch police in connection with another vandalism incident. She was accused of hurling rocks at cars and a hospital door, sheriff's officials said.

Bail bondsman Peter Santiago deemed the incident "unfortunate," but "not surprising."

"Every year we get a handful of clients that do this," he said. "They need shelter so they get in trouble or get drunk in public so they're in jail for a night or two."

Ginochio was arrested again Monday on suspicion of vandalism and a probation violation and was once again booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.

According to David Gerson, executive director of Loaves and Fishes, which provides meals to those in need, there simply aren't enough beds or mental health or substance abuse programs in Contra Costa County. Just last week, two homeless men froze to death in Walnut Creek, he pointed out.

"There aren't always enough beds and we have to do a better job," he said. "When you're homeless and you're out here in the streets, it's really hard at this time of year."

For her part, Stacey DeCosta said she could only imagine what Ginochio may be dealing with. DeCosta is homeless and volunteers as much as possible at Loaves and Fishes, in large part to stay out of the cold.

"I can understand it because there she has a bed — it may be a cold metal bed, but it's still a bed, it's three square meals and it's routine," DeCosta said. "She's out of the weather, out of the rain, out of the cold."

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