San Francisco

Mirkarimi on Redemption and Life After City Hall

Two and a half years ago, San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was arrested and charged with domestic violence, after which he found himself separated from his wife and young son. He had also become a pariah around City Hall.

He says, "I reached the lowest time in my life. It was crushing and painful to be seen in a way that I could never possibly imagine to be seen or perceived."

These days, he and his wife, Eliana Lopez, have reconciled and are living happily together in San Francisco. His relationships with those in power have not fared as well.

"I will continue to press the case that the power of redemption should reign large in the city and county of San Francisco. It has for other elected officials, but for me, I think that as somebody who presides over the industry of second chances, it has even a more profound meaning."

Mirkarimi and Lopez talk about the dark days that followed his arrest, the strides they’ve made in their marriage and his political future.

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