Missoni for Target Fashions Now on EBay

Savvy shoppers are posting items at three times the original cost.

Remember those shoppers who flooded Target stores this week to get a little piece of heavenly fashion with the Missoni label on it?

Some of those shoppers were apparently out to make a quick profit.

Nearly 500 pages of Missoni for Target items are now being offered on eBay.

Not only did the high-end dresses, sweaters, home items and children's clothes sell out in less than two hours in Target stores, savvy shoppers also crashed the Target.com website early Tuesday in search of the Italian design firm's special products at bargain prices.

Missoni for Target bicycles that carried a store price of about $399 are now on eBay for between $599 and $1,125.

By the way, Target.com is back up and the Missoni bicycle is still $399.

Items that originally sold in the $30-to-$40 range are now going for more than $100 on eBay.

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