Mitt Romney Joins Barack Obama on Square

The two presidential candidates are using the San Francisco-based startup to process credit cards.

President Barack Obama is not the only digital politician.

One of the biggest threats to the President's throne is showing off he his tech savvy as well by joining the Square revolution.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney announced that his campaign will be using Square to accept campaign donations via mobile devices.

The Obama campaign unveiled a new app Monday that uses Square's mobile credit card-processing technology to accept campaign donations on any Android or iOS-powered devices.

Staffers from both campaigns will be given mobile devices with the tiny plastic credit card-processing square attached to collect donations on site.

Obama's campaign said it eventually wants to have its own Square app that users can download from the app store and the Romney campaign said it plans to test out the technology in Florida ahead of its primary.

The Jack Dorsey run startup is based in San Francisco and processed more than $2 billion in credit card transactions last year.

Square takes 2.65 percent of each transaction.

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