MLB Lockout Ends: Bay Area Fans React to Return of Baseball

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It’s the news Bay Area baseball lovers have been waiting for. Major League Baseball is back after players and owners reached a tentative agreement Thursday.

Business owner with couldn’t be happier that baseball is coming back.

He was watching this closely and fans say it’s about time.

“There nothing better than being around the orange and black all summer long,” said Redwood City resident Brian Solbeck.

Outside Oracle Park, Solbeck took a picture and was excited to hear that it appears the MLB lockout is coming to an end.

“I’m ecstatic. I always wait for baseball off season its baseball season or nothing for me and it’s great to see that they finally agreed to get going here because I was supposed to go to spring training,” he said.

At Momo’s across the street, they’re ready to welcome fans back. Baseball is a lifeline for the business.

“We’re very lucky to be in an eating and drinking city like sf to be where we are and our location baseball is prime time for us and the thought of missing out on it all was a bit dire and scary but good times are here again,” said Scott Morton of Momo's.

Training camps will open Friday with the reporting date on Sunday. There will be a 162-game season.

Nick Traficante of Michigan said he is ready to get the season going.

“I was really excited because I thought we were going to be without baseball for a few months and then last year with COVID. We already missed some baseball so I’m super excited to get a normal year in,” he said.

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