Moffett Would Host 2020 World's Fair

We learned last week that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was headed to China, in part to pitch the idea of bringing the World Expo to the South Bay in 2020.  The expo used to be called the "World's Fair."

Now, advocates for the bid location are talking about just where they want to host the party.

They have chosen Moffett Field, which is in heart of Silicon Valley along Highway 101.   The Mercury News has a nice map of the location at the bottom of this article.

The spot was announced Sunday at the Shanghai Expo by Schwarzenegger himself.

"I want the world to come to California," Schwarzenegger said in a statement. "As the hub of innovation, Silicon Valley is the most natural place to hold the expo, which will promote the international exchange of ideas, create jobs and increase revenues in our state."

Supporters of the idea said the potential placement at a former military air base was a masterstroke with the possibility to create research facilities and a place on the world stage to showcase our region.

The idea faces lots of barriers.  Topping that list is finding the necessary money needed to build the facilities needed for the expo.

There is also a slate of potential competitors from both the U.S. and abroad. They include Houston, Minneapolis, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Organizers say the event would provide several generations' worth of economic benefits.

The last time the expo that was held in the United States was in 1984.  The location was New Orleans.

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