Mold Concerns Force San Jose State University to Close Journalism Building

It’s a rocky start to the new semester at San Jose State University: Water damage has closed one of the campus buildings, forcing students in several classes to be relocated.

Dwight Bentel Hall houses the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. It will be closed Monday and Tuesday so staff can repair damage from a "steam leak" under the building. Internal memos obtained by NBC Bay Area state that there are concerns about mold.

Students and professors were told to report to the SJSU student union for the first and second day of classes.

“The good news is that we are well on our way to bringing one of our most historic buildings into the 21st century,” Provost Andrew Hale Feinstein said in a statement posted on the SJSU website. “We are doing our very best to honor the legacy of the late Dwight Bentel, founder of our top-notch journalism program.”

Professor Cynthia Fernald had to scramble Monday. Her office and classrooms are off limits. “We’re all scrambling,” Fernald said. “Just have to make do and get everybody started.” Fernald’s classroom on Monday was the student union ballroom. With no chairs or desks, students had to sit on the floor.

“It’s kinda weird,” said student Daniel Kunkel. “First day freshman, and it’s my second class. Welcome to college.”

Damian Trujillo contributed to this report.

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