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Mom Pushes Baby Stroller Out of Harm's Way as Car Hits Her in Otay Mesa

The mom was hurt, but her 4-month-old baby was unharmed, officials said

A mom walking and pushing her 4-month-old baby in a stroller in San Diego neighborhood Otay Mesa on Saturday was hurt when a driver plowed into the pair; a witness said the woman pushed her baby boy out of harm’s way seconds before the impact.

“It was shocking; I’m still in shock,” said witness Alberto Martinez.

Martinez was jogging along Palm Avenue near Grissom Street in the south San Diego area at around 11:45 a.m. when he saw a red Toyota Corolla zip by. He noticed a woman nearby, pushing a baby in a stroller.

Seconds later – as the car barreled toward the woman – Martinez said he saw the woman quickly push her baby out of way. The driver in the Toyota slammed into a curb and then hit the woman before rolling the vehicle.

“He was speeding; he was going way too fast,” Martinez recounted. “She got hit pretty bad.”

The car wound up flipped on its side; shattered glass, a street light pole, road signs and other debris were strewn about.

Witness Alberto Martinez was jogging on Palm Avenue near Grissom Street in Otay Mesa Saturday morning when he saw the car hit the woman. He said she pushed the baby in the stroller out of harm's way just before impact.

Martinez ran over to the woman and the baby to see if they were okay. He said he looked at the baby, and the infant was fine. The driver had hit part of the stroller, but the woman took the brunt of the hit, he added.

Martinez said the woman tried to get up, but it appeared her leg was broken. He told her not to move and police soon arrived.

San Diego Police Department investigators said the 22-year-old mom suffered serious injuries, including a closed tibia and fibula fracture that required surgery. She was taken to a local hospital; her name was not released.

Police said that although the stroller was also hit by the car, the baby was not harmed. The infant's grandparents took him to the hospital for evaluation, as a precaution.

SDPD said the driver — a 39-year-old man — suffered minor injuries, mainly pain to his right hand.

The collision is under investigation. No one else was hurt.

Garland Police Department
A witness said the driver of the car hit a curb before hitting a woman who had been walking in the area, pushing a baby in a stroller.
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