Mom Turns In San Jose Son to Police After Santa Cruz Purse-Snatching

A San Jose student was caught on camera allegedly snatching purses in a Santa Cruz Safeway – and his mother turned him into police.

Santa Cruz police say the mom saw video surveillance photos of her 17-year-old son wearing a red sweatshit at a Safeway on Saturday night posted on the deparment's blog, and went to his father's house where he was staying and "retrieved her son."

She delivered the Oak Grove High student to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. In a statement, police said they "obtained a full confession" explaining his alleged actions by saying he was "extremely high on marijuana" and did not want to suffer the consequences of “coming down.” 

The teen would not, however, confirm or deny to police if he had any accomplices. Santa Cruz believe he had help from two people.

Santa Cruz police released photos of the boy but did not release his name, saying that he is a juvenile.

Santa Cruz  Deputy Police Chief Steven Clark on Friday told NBC Bay Area that the department was comfortable releasing his photo because it had "been out there all week" while police were seeking him as a suspect.

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