Monterey Growers Expand Color-flower Veggies

They add color to your table, that's for sure

An agriculture company based in Monterey announced today that its  line of brightly colored cauliflower is being made available to the mass  market.

Salyer American Fresh Foods promoted its "American Classic" line  of purple, green and orange cauliflower by announcing that the naturally  bright-colored vegetables were being distributed to nationwide grocery chains  for the first time.

"Compared to the white cauliflower, each color varies slightly in  taste," director of marketing Marci Bracco said in a prepared statement,  adding that nutritional contents and benefits also vary between colors.

Safeway, Wal-Mart, Albertson's and Ralphs are among the nationwide  grocers that will carry the new varieties of cauliflower, according to  Bracco.

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