More Boobs Coming to San Francisco

Penthouse to open club next February

 If you're tired of the same ol' boring public nudity that can be found semi-regularly on the streets of San Francisco, you'll be happy to know one of the biggest porn-peddling operations will be opening a club next February.

The Huff Post reports that Penthouse will be opening its first West-Coast club and steakhouse.

The new club will have two bars, three stages, bottle service and a restraurant with full menu, so folks can get a full belly while getting an eyeful.  

"No other gentlemen's club in California will offer the same level of style, service or sophistication as this Penthouse Club and Steakhouse," said General Manager Glenn Prime in a press release. "And in terms of entertainment quality, the club will bring a whole new level of excitement to upscale adult nightlife in San Francisco."

The specific location has yet to be released, but when it opens, it will be the twelfth Penthouse Club.

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