More Correctional Deputies Accused of Beating Inmate in Santa Clara County: Sources

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office is investigating more allegations of correctional deputies beating an inmate.

Sources tell NBC Bay Area two female correctional deputies allegedly beat up a female inmate last summer at Elmwood Jail. Sources also said that when another correctional deputy approached the scene, the two guards told her to go away.

The sheriff's office on Wednesday released a statement saying it is aware of the allegations and is conducting an investigation. The sheriff on Wednesday would not say if the deputies in question are still working or on leave.

The allegations come as the jail system tries to recover from other abuse allegations against inmates, including the death of Michael Tyree last August. Three inmates face homicide charges in Tyree's case.

"It is my belief that we have important recommendations to give the county and the sheriff about how to improve the jail system," said Judge LaDoris Cordell, who chairs a blue-ribbon panel looking into the practices and procedures inside the jail system.

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