More Homeless Living on San Francisco Streets

The city's biannual homeless count reveals the San Francisco homeless population to be static, but more people are living on the street

The number of people living on San Francisco streets has increased, according to reports.

There are 3,401 "people with mental illnesses, substance-abuse problems, and physical disabilities" living on the streets in San Francisco than there were two years ago, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

The tally comes from the city's biannual homeless count, which counted 6,436 total homeless people in San Francisco, including people in shelters.

That's slightly down from the 6,455 there were in 2011, but there are 300 more people living on the streets and not in shelters than in 2011, the count found.

The city "continues to draw outsiders" who are in San Francisco looking for work.

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