More Than 120 Cars Shot With BB Gun in San Leandro in Three Months

More than more than 180 vehicles parked on San Leandro streets have had their windows shot out with BB guns since late December.

Even more are being investigated by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, according to San Leandro Police Lt. Robert McManus.

Police released on Thursday a video from the 14200 block of Santiago Rd. in San Leandro shot Wednesday at 1:40 a.m., hoping that someone will know who is behind the vandalism.

The short clip shows a car pulling up on the street. Then a man with a gun, wearing a white hoodie, jeans and sneakers, jumps out, points his weapon at cars and fires. He then hops in the car driven by someone else and takes off.

Police are unsure if it is one or multiple crews that have been vandalizing the cars, but they do know that different cars have been used to drive to the targeted neighborhoods. Police estimate the damage has exceeded $60,000. 

"We really have no idea why they're doing this. It makes no sense as to why people would randomly  drive around the neighborhood and shoot windows out of cars for no reason whatsoever," McManus said."It's frustrating that we in law enforcement haven't been able to stop it."

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