Morgan Hill Police Plan Curfew if PG&E Turns Off Power

People across the Bay Area late Wednesday are wondering what time PG&E will turn off their power in response to high fire danger – but in Morgan Hill, people are also wondering what time curfew will kick in.

Morgan Hill is the only city in the Bay Area to call for a curfew if the power is shut off, a decision that has seen some controversy.

“A lot of people understand why, because it’s just community safety for everybody,” said Sgt. Bill Norman of the Morgan Hill Police Department. “And there are some that don’t agree with it, and that’s fine. You know, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

When the plan was first announced it caused some panic and prompted many to take precautions.

“I backed up all my batteries, I have some lanterns out,” said resident Anthony Maher. “But even that – I don’t know how long those are going to last.”

Resident Tom Hornak shared pictures of the shelves at a local Safeway showing empty shelves in the water isle.

“It’s just power going away,” Hornak said. “People still have food at home. They can cook on a barbecue. They can cook with gas. A lot of these people have city gas. So what’s the panic?”

At the police headquarters in Morgan Hill the mobile command van was rolled into the front lot – just in case.

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