Most Hated Husband in America Is Still in San Francisco

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Where does the "most hated husband in America" go after he has been humiliated on national television? If he lives in San Francisco, just down the street.

Noe Valley resident Stephen Fowler became a YouTube sensation and the object of ridicule at the same time after he was featured in an episode of "Wife Swap."

Fowler gained notoriety after he called a rural Missouri woman, who was living in his San Francisco home, stupid and simple on the ABC reality show. He was condemned by his own wife and the rest of the reality watching country.

After being bestowed with the title of San Francisco's biggest "jack ass," Fowler sold his 4,395-square-foot Victorian with six bedrooms and 4.5 baths for more than $2.8 million last year.

Little was known about where he went but like any true reality star, Fowler has resurfaced in San Francisco. He is living in a two bedroom, two bath house in Eureka Valley that he reportedly purchased in November for $850,000.

And like the true rebel rouser that he is, Fowler has his simple neighbors in a tizzy. Fowler has plans to expand the house but one neighborhood group opposing the plan called the proposal a "a massive project that will severely impact adjacent homes by blocking out light, air and privacy."

That doesn't sound like a man trying to make friends.

[Via SF Curbed]

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