Mother of Woman Found at Concord Pond Seeks Justice

The mother of a 25-year-old woman brutally killed in Concord is speaking out.

Andrella Bohanna buried her youngest daughter, Poinsettia Parks, six days ago. In an exclusive interview with NBC Bay Area on Friday, Bohanna said her daughter was beaten so badly her face had to be reconstructed.

Authorities confirm the man accused of killing Parks is now being held at the county jail after being extradited back from Nevada, where he turned himself in.

"You worry about your child every day," Bohanna said. "Every day."

Parks' body was found last month in a pond at Newhall Park, not far from Bohanna's Concord home.

"Her head was split across the top of the forehead," Bohanna said.

Blunt force trauma is the official cause of Parks' death.

"Her nose was smashed in her chin. She didn't have it," Bohanna said. "Part of her face was gone, so they had to reconstruct her face."

Authorities believe Erick Nelson killed Parks, who Bohanna said was pregnant with his child.

"Poinsettia was trying to get away from Erik," Bohanna said.

She claims he was physically abusive and needed treatment for a drug problem.

"He was using meth," Bohanna said. "She had found a pipe."

When Parks tried to break off their nine-month relationship, she claims Nelson became enraged and starting stalking her at Safeway, where she was a security guard.

Bohanna said her focus now is finding justice.

Nelson denied NBC Bay Area's request for a jailhouse interview. He is scheduled to be arraigned on murder charges on Thursday and is being held on $3.5 million bail.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up for Poinsettia Parks.

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