Motorcycle Officer in Tenderloin Struck With Bottle

A motorcycle officer escorting the German President through San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood was hospitalized after a suspect hit the officer with a bottle Wednesday, police said.

The incident occurred near the corner of Hyde and Turk streets, the San Francisco Police Department said on social media around 10:40 a.m.

A suspect apparently threw a bottle, striking the officer, during the high-powered motorcade escort. A bystander captured the suspect being arrested and punched by police.

"People were shocked. It quickly went away from the dignitary to this happening," Deana Mitchell, who recorded the incident, said. "Everyone was shouting, everyone was watching. There was blood from his face, dripping down."

Mitchell said the suspect was disregarding police warnings to stay out of the street.

"The subject grabbed a lanyard, which was attached to one of the officers' necks. And attempted to bite him. The officer then struck the subject to free himself, and prevent the subject from biting him," said Officer Robert Rueca from SFPD.

According to SFPD, officers are authorized to use force to defend themselves, and others. In this case, the suspect grabbed a lanyard, and could have grabbed other equipment, perhaps a gun.

The officer was taken to the hospital for his injuries, which were not considered life-threatening, according to police.

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