Marianne Favro

Mountain Lion Spotted in Los Gatos Neighborhood

A Los Gatos homeowner was surprised to see a mountain lion peering in her back-door Friday night about half a mile from Downtown on Loma Alta Avenue around 10:15 p.m.

As the lion peers into the door, two dogs bark at in and the big cat runs off.

"Shock, we've seen coyotes around here but never in Los Gatos and I've lived here ten years," said Los Gatos resident Chris Vivian. "It's really scary, what is it doing here?"

Neighbor Roman BIzon has seven dogs and is worried what might happen if one of them came face to face with a cat that size.

"I will not keep them outside unsupervised, I will now always keep them inside." He said.

Roman's also concerned mountain lions are getting too accustomed to people, adding that just a few days ago another neighbor spotted a mountain lion in his back yard.

Some people say they’ve spotted deer in their yards and they suspect the mountain lion may be coming into town, following the deer.

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