Stephen Ellison

Mountain View Police Seek Owner of Lost WWII-Era Photo Album

Police in Mountain View are searching for the owner of an album containing World War II-era photographs that was found near a homeless encampment Monday.

A Mountain View officer found the uniquely designed album containing images of what appears to be a Navy sailor and his significant other.

"They just look happy," said Marion Moses of Santa Clara County Veterans Services. "If it was my family, I would want that back."

Some of the pictures show Bay Area beaches and parks. Police are hoping to get it back to its rightful owner.

"We just want to ensure wherever it was taken from, it's given back," police spokeswoman Katie Nelson said.

Moses said it’s hard to identify who it is. She believes one photo could have been taken at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey.

"The ornate walls, and I know that was a very popular place in the day," she said.

Moses said she'll be spreading the word, hoping a veteran or their family recognize the photos.

"They can make a difference between knowing their loved one's history or not," she said.

Anyone who may know the couple in the photos should contact Mountain View police.

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