Mountain View Residents Brace for “Piercing” Noise from Beyond Wonderland Electronic Dance Festival

The all day and into the night "Beyond Wonderland" electronic dance festival returns to the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View this weekend -- and many residents are preparing for the constant barrage of noise that comes with the event.

"It was crazy! It was just crazy," said Dozie Antoine, a Shoreline resident who described last year's party. "It was piercing. I heard that dogs left their houses, ran away from home."

Mountain View police said last year's event brought in 100 arrests and nearly 140 noise complaints.

"Noise is definitely a problem," Sgt. Saul Jaeger said. "It's very bass-driven, repetitive kind of electronic dance music."

Residents said last year the speakers seemed to be aimed at them -- something officials said that has been fixed this year.

Officials said crews reworked the way the stages and speakers are angled at the concert venue.

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