Rhea Mahbubani

Mountain View-Whisman School District Anticipates Spike in Student Population on Heels of New Development Citywide

A Mountain View school district is bracing for an influx of students as new housing units are planned citywide.

A report for the Mountain View-Whisman school district indicates that three new neighborhoods — Joaquin, Shorebird Way and Pear — could add 9,800 homes to the north Bayshore area. School board officials anticipate that the new construction could send more than 2,300 new students their way, according to the Daily News.

Currently, the district's population stands at 5,132 students, from transitional kindergarten through eighth grade, across 10 campuses.

These estimates don't include NASA's plan to build 1,900 residences on Moffett Field and the potential of new students streaming in from those homes.

Ayindé Rudolph, superintendent of the Mountain View Whisman School District, told the Daily News that while the spike in student population presents a challenge, it can also be viewed as an opportunity. 

The impact of the north Bayshore development is not on the agenda for Thursday's school board meeting, but it could come up in public comment. 

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