Mozilla Is Investing in a “Faster” Internet

Open-source browser software seeking a speedier Web.

Mozilla is tired of waiting for that web page to load, too.

The makers of the popular Firefox browser on Friday are starting a fund, according to Wired, that will pay for efforts to raise Internet speeds across the country.

The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund will shell out $300,000 in grants to projects that will use the "gigabit fiber services" available.

The super-high speed connections, which can transfer a million bits of data per second, are not widespread in America -- in fact, they're limited to places like Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Kansas City.

What's the lag about, Bay Area?

Mozilla's fund will award grants to projects that promise to increase Internet speeds by 50 times, Wired reported.

The 10 grants, ranging in size from $5,000 to $10,000, is a "start" towards making sure Americans enjoy Internet as fast as others in the world.

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