Rhea Mahbubani

Mudslide Creates 50-Foot Hole in State Route 35, Closing it Indefinitely

A mudslide wiped out a chunk of State Route 35 on Friday afternoon, creating a gaping hole that stretches about 200 feet wide and 50 feet deep.

CalTrans crews were out assessing the damage late Friday, and engineers will begin working on solutions Monday for the section of Skyline Boulevard in Los Gatos. There is no estimated time for when it will reopen.

Jonathan Burgess of Boulder Creek, says the closure will triple the time of his commute. However, he’s not too concerned.

"It's the life we signed up for up here. You hope the tree falls around you and not on you, and you hope the hole doesn't fall out from underneath you,” Burgess said. 

Further south, there’s a smaller slide undercutting SR 35. Fred Glover lives in between the two slides.

"I don't know what they'll do here where it's only partially out because they have to keep it from eroding further,” Glover said. “It's going to be an interesting few months."

Glover says he’ll park down the street and hike to his house, if the other part of Skyline collapses as well.

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